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Pistolet MILWAUKEE 12V Lithium


MILWAUKEE gun 12V Lithium

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MILWAUKEE gun 12V Lithium

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MILWAUKEE Battery charger 12V

MILWAUKEE Battery charger 12V. Characteristics : Charge the Milwaukee batteries on the road, ideal for the techniciens who have the need to charge their batteries during their travel with the cigarette lighter 12V.Different purposed as windshield bonding, cleaning of the vehicle. Can charge every batteries 12V and 18V from Milwaukee. Sequential charge (...

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Protection set for inside carThis set include all the plastic covers that needs to be applied beforethe technician start his job.Contain of the set :- 1 plastic seat protection- 1 floor mat- 1 steering wheel cover- 1 gear shift cover- 1 hand brake cover

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AIR PURIFIER & Disinfectants vehicle 75 mlIdeal for 1 vehicle - ONE SHOT- single useActive on enveloped viruses according to * EN14476 like coronavirus, H1N1, ...- Minimum volume 1 cubic meter - Maximum volume 45 cubic meters, or around 18m² of a standard room.- Bactericidal according to EN1276 and EN13697 in 5 minutes at 20 ° C on Staphilococcus...

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The  Raptor™ is a cord and wire auto glass removal device designed from the ground-up to dramatically improve the power of the vacuum cup with the integration of our AirForce™ Constant Vacuum Cups. This technology has been specifically developed to create a quick placement and constant vacuum to the glass so the Raptor™ stays in place and resists...

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Nitrile gloves

With these gloves, no risk of leaving grease and/or sweat, which can compromise your work.Our nitrile rubber gloves are guaranteed with-out talc (which represents a sort of stain) and are extremely stretchable.They fit on whichever hand. They offer a safe grip and an absolute cleanness. It is a perfect solutionfor persons with latex allergy. - 240 x 130 x...