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REPAR'VIT DELUXE windshield repair kit : Injection with vacuum/pressure pump.

- With triple adjustment injection bridge to fit all types of glass (curved, straight,...)

- With electronic LED drill for a better grip.

- 2 in 1 injection (with vacuum pump)

- It is a complete equipment for the repair of all types of impacts.


1 x Ref. 231 aluminium tool box

1 x Ref. 2000  bridge with double adjustement arm

1 x Ref. 1046  UV lamp 12V with timer

1 x Ref. 993  pressure/vacuum pump

1 x Ref. 958  vacuum cup sealant

1 x Ref. 940  Lightening mirror (LED)

1 x Ref. 979  pen light

1 x Ref. 949  polish bottle

1 x Ref. LR-136  LR injection resins repareglass 15 ml

1 x Ref. 10357  battery drill

2 x Ref. 934  carbide drill bit

1 x Ref. 959  pen with carbide tip

1 x Ref. 948  scraper blades (x5)

1 x Ref. 943  pit finish resin (more than 40 repairs)

1 x Ref. 970  mylar squares (x10)

1 x Ref. RS-2030  Syringes + 3 spécial nozzles for a syringe.(x5)

1 x Ref. HOS-2001  hose cleaning brushes for hose

1 x Ref. HOS-2002  hose cleaning brushes for injector

1 x Ref. 996  hose

1 x Ref. FIX-2005  adapter for large breaks

1 x Ref. Fix-2006  adapter for standard breaks

1 x Ref. 5BX-02010  rubber seals for standard breaks (x5)

1 x Ref. 5BX-2016  rubber seals for large breaks (x5)

1 x Ref. 971  polishing felt piece

2 x Ref. 934  Carbide drill bit

1 x Ref. 524 Voltage transformer

1 x ref. 538 Round UV Screen

1 x Technical manual

Technical movie not available for this repair kit

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