VBSA awarded ECOVADIS label 


EcoVadis certification is an assessment of performance in terms of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. It aims to help organisations improve their environmental, social and ethical impact by awarding an overall score based on a set of precise criteria.

EcoVadis is an independent platform that assesses companies' sustainable development policies, actions and results. EcoVadis certification is based on 21 indicators grouped into four main themes:

  • Environment: management of natural resources, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, pollution prevention.

  • Social: working conditions, health and safety at work, respect for human rights.

  • Ethics: combating corruption and money laundering, respect for economic law.

  • Responsible purchasing: integrating sustainable development into the supply chain.

These indicators are weighted according to the relative importance they represent for each business sector.


EcoVadis certification has several objectives:

  • Continuous improvement: to encourage companies to progress in their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach through regular monitoring and benchmarking with their peers.

  • Transparency: to provide customers and business partners with a clear view of a company's level of CSR commitment so that they can make informed decisions when choosing who to work with or invest in.

  • Collaboration: encouraging dialogue between companies and their stakeholders on sustainable development issues, by making it easier to communicate results and implement concrete actions.

  • Risk reduction: helping companies to identify and manage sustainability-related risks in their supply chain.

In short, EcoVadis certification is a valuable tool for assessing and improving companies' CSR performance. It provides a guarantee to customers, business partners and investors that a company takes its environmental, social and ethical responsibilities seriously.