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Reference: CC-1058

Nitrile gloves

With these gloves, no risk of leaving grease and/or sweat, which can compromise your work.Our nitrile rubber gloves are guaranteed with-out talc (which represents a sort of stain) and are extremely stretchable.They fit on whichever hand. They offer a safe grip and an absolute cleanness. It is a perfect solutionfor persons with latex allergy. - 240 x 130 x...

Reference: XKD-22

New square cutting wire, Size 0.7 mm - 22ML

Technical characteristics of this new square cutting wire :-    Size : 0.7 mm x 0.7 mm ( the old version was 0.6 mm x 0.6 mm)-    Tensile strength is by 36% higher compare to old generation-    Available in spool of 22 m ( depending of quantities, 44 m. is possible)

Reference: JM5

Foam installation tape

Foam installation tapeTo give a smooth nice looking finish to theinside of the vehicle after bonding.Indeed, sometimes, the urethanecould squeeze into the vehicle,and this foam installation tape cover.Adhesive on one side only.RÉF. JM5• 5 mm x 5 mmx 10 ml

Reference: VKD-22

Squared cutting wire - Size 0.6mm - 22ML

Squared cutting wire REPAREGLASS Surprising but true!The cutting resistance of the squared wire is far higher than the one of the common round wire. Try it, you will see!Squared wire - 0,6 x 0,6 mm,- length: 22m, on plastic spool.- 100 x 22 mm - 110 g

Reference: PSL-150-1

Pair of suction cups deluxe (Ø 150 mm)

Suction cup deluxe sold individualy (Ø 150 mm)Easier and safer to attach that common suction lifters with clamp lever technology.The bell shaped rubber pads already adhere onto the glass surface with slight pressing even before pressing the lever.Possibility to pass a belt through. Load capacity for each lifter is 80 kg.

Reference: GCN-100

Nylon wire - ø 1,1 mm - 100ML

L: 100M 2500 NEWTON Nylon wire- Diam 1.1mm ESPECIALLY DESIGN FOR THICK AND HEAVY PU Ideal for : -Old urethane -Thick and heavy PU -Trims which must not brake ( clips – fastener – spacers) -Brakes at an high tensile strength -Reusable length ( from about 2 to 4 applications) -Do not scratch surfaces -Could be use with most of the ratchet systems...

Reference: DST-734

T-handle wire threader with hole

REF-DST-734 T-handle wire threader with hole Just lay the wire in the notched tip and pass it through the polyurethane by pushing the tool from the inside to the outside.In the way, you can release the window. Always place the flat surface of the wire threader on the window, so that the hollow tube is not deformed.120 x 26 x 10 mm • 20 g

Reference: FSC-350


Special scraper

REF. FSC-350SCRAPER (without blade)To scrape the old urethane bead. This scraper is universal due to thefact it can accept different blades width ( 13 mm – 16 mm – 20 mm)and angular bladesIts locking system with roll allow a quick and easy blade replacement

Reference: SGR-380

Glass scraper, with 1 RK-100A blade

Glass scraperMainly used to rapidly and entirely remove bond residues on windows that will be reinstalled. Also used to remove stickers. Simply replace the old blade by a new one, no sharpening needed.- 170 x 40 x 17 mm- 90 g

Reference: HDS-480NEW

Adjustable windshield trestle

Adjustable windshield trestleREPAREGLASS- width multi-adjustable for different lengths and weights so as carry all sizes of windshields.- Very sturdy version, load capacity up to 250Kg.- Made of electroplated steel, diameter: 30 mm.- Resistant foam at the base of the trestle.- 105 cm x 95 cm x 110 cm6.700 kg

Reference: ZLN-914

Nylon wire - Ø 1 mm, Longueur : 100 ML

New generation of nylon wire -Reusable length ( from about 2 to 4 applications) -Do not scratch -No frame scratching or on the windshield molding -Could be use with most of the ratchet systems through the market Especially designed to bring profitability, durability, strength, performance and safety. Improve cutting results from all cutting systems. The...

Reference: FSC-300SPECIAL


Special scraper

REF. FSC-300SPECIALSCRAPER (without blade)To scrape the old urethane bead. This scraper is universal due to thefact it can accept different blades width ( 13 mm – 16 mm – 20 mm)and angular blades

Reference: XL2

Long Olfa® knife with a snap-off blade

Olfa® knife Snap-off blades have known a growing success in our filed, especially during these recent years. With this knife, you can cut the urethane that is far below the dashe of most vehicles. This knife is an extra-long version of the OLF20, it is particularly suitable for car glaziers.- 280 x 40 x 20 mm- 125 g