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Reference: 9741

Electrostatic masking film

electrostatic masking filmHeight 97 cm - 4 m x 150 ml - Distributor for electrostaticmasking films (on request)Ref. L110

Reference: CEB-10

Cloth rags 10kg

Cloth ragsWhite polycotton cloth 10 kg.Textile recycling, garment container.Composed of shirts type fabrics,Sheet... mostly white polycotton.

Reference: CEJYB-10

Cloth rags 10kg 100% coton

White Jersey cloth 10 kg.More absorbent fabric.Textile recycling, garment container.Composed of fabrics such as undershirts, t-shirts and all othertypes of white mesh jersey 100 % cotton.Dimension: 60x60 or 80 x 80cm.

Reference: DEV-MAR

Dispenser on castors for masking paper

Dispenser on castors for masking paper Dispenser for masking paper réf : 200 x 4 ; 450 x 4 ; 700 x 4. 900 x 4 ( 1200 x 4 does not fit to this dispenser.) Adapted also for cleaning towels, masking tape…

Reference: L110

Dispenser for masking paperer

Dispenser for masking paper réf : 200 x 4 ; 450 x 4, 700 x 4, 900 x 4 and réf 9741 Accepts differents height of rolls up to 1400 mm. It is possible to adjust the height in order to lock the roll to the wish height. Could be use on horizontal or vertical position. Film is not include with the dispenser.

Reference: PSP150


PARKING SENSOR PADSThe function of the sensor pads is to mask the parking sensors during the sanding and painting repair process. The round shape Ø18mm with a pulling liner makes easy the removal and avoids the paint from peeling off. The aim is a fast and effective maskingwith perfection. The box contain 150 units (15 strips of 10 pads).NEW


Double-sided masking tape

Double-sided masking tapeFor the bounding of sticks, emblems, monograms, plastic adding parts for bumpers, seals, doors, etc...

Reference: SE-206-BMC

Electric version pickling machine

The MBX® technology is especially developed for applications in car repair shops. The MBX® easily removes undercoating and rust - even in hardto-reach areas. The MBX® will remove paints with ease - especially in contours and edges, remove seals or gaskets on grey cast iron and clean weldseams & threads without damaging the metal surface.MBX®...