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Masking tape
Masking tape

Masking tape

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Reference: 6200

Masking tape black 50mm

Masking tapeFor the masking and protection of all sensitive areas such as mudguard, bonnet edge, roofduring windshield cutting !The tape is also excellent suitable to keep freshly bonded glasses from sliding away.REF-6200• Black wide masking tape• 50-meters roll, width: 38mm• 165 x 162 x 36 mm • 686 g

Reference: 6200BLU

Protection tape for glass

Protection tape for glassBlue tape. The adhesive is only applied on the edges of the strip ( 1,5 cm from each side)Very easy to remove.Réf. 6200BLUWidth : 5 cmLentgh : 36,5 meters

Reference: 6200OR

Orange protection tape for glass corners during transportation.

Edge protector tape orange, perforatedThis new type of adhesive tape has been designed especially to mask the glass edges toavoid damages during storage and trasport. The middle part of the band does not carry anyadhesive. That way it can be applicated more easily on curved edges and, what is even moreimportant, it can also be removed much easier than...