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Reference: 314

Seat rings

ANNEAUX POUR GARNITURES DE SIÈGE- Kit pour garniture de siège (composition : 50 anneaux avec les crochets montés, prêts à poser).

Reference: BORESCOPE

Borescope (Endoskop video)

Ref. BORESCOPE (diameter 4 mm)The Borescope is a new generation of endoscope that could be connected on laptopsor computers. It allows to visualize inaccessible areas, it takes pictures, movies. Theformat of files are standard ( Jpeg, Tif…)The main aim is to send the file by e-mail,Internet. No installation CD. Supply with USB cable, television cable, and...

Reference: KANGOUROU

Body storage stand

Body parts rack.• Allow to storage : Hoods, rear, tyres, bumpers, etc .....• Easy to manipulate (4 directional wheels)• Floor saving space• Hige organisation guarantee• Saving time, no waste• Limit walks• Back investent in 3 months• Storage optimizing• Maximum load : 150Kg• Secure rack• Dimension : 90 x 60 x 190 cm• Weight 41 KgREF. KANGOUROU

Reference: 2650

Miniature spot light - 10W - professionnal Use

Miniature spot light - 10W - professionnal Use Power : 230 V - Charge in 220V or 12V on cigare lighter.Charging time : 7 hours for 3 hours of working time. autonomy.Waterproof, directional, handable, thanks to its small size and its handle.Weight : 1,06 KgsDimensions : 24 x 20 x 14 cmWire lenght : 145 cm - 10W

Reference: 4590

Riveting Plier K39

For the following rivets : Aluminiumwith a size ranging from 2,4 to 4,8mm- Copper with a size range from 3 to4,8mm - Steel with a size range from 3to 4,8mm - Stainless steel with a sizerange from 3 to 4,8mm. Weight : 520g

Reference: BAL18


Handheld led lighting, 18V, Milwaukee 120 Lumens 2x brighter than traditional lighting. Lamp with better autonomy thanks to new LED technology.  Aluminum head - resistant to time and impact. 135 ° rotating head. Integrated suspension hook offering numerous hanging possibilities. Battery system works with all Milwaukee® M18 ™ batteries. Supplied without...

Reference: ACT-KPR


To facilitate the contact on the glassof the adhesive pads or gel for thesensors. Avoid air bubbles duringapplication on the new windshield.Allow to adjust the sensor on theglass as well. (spray the activatordirectly on one side only, the productvolatilises within few minutes anddoes not affect the adhesion)Packaging: 250ml bottle

Reference: AW1026

Angular screwdriver

It can be very difficult to remove screws that are under hoods and behindfenders. Our angle screwdriver has a thumb brace that allows you to swivelthe driver to any angle and use your thumb to keep it from rotating whileyour remove a screw. Comes with sixscrewdrivers bits. Made of highestquality materials to last a lifetime.

Reference: AW1074


It oftenly happens when you can see the screw but noscrewdriver can reach into the narrow space above thescrew head. That is a job for the only 3,4 cm long miniscrewdrivers. The set contains 2 phillips screwdrivers(PH0,PH1) and 2 slotted screwdrivers (5 mm, 6 mm).

Reference: COF-EMBOUTS

Ratcheting screwdriver and bit set ( 37 pcs )

37 pieces Ratcheting Screwdriver and Bit SetRef. : COF-EMBOUTSWeight : 650 g6 Slotted bits : 3/4/5/5.5/6/7mm (30mmL)3 Philips Bits : 1/2/3 (30mmL)3 Posidriv Bits : 1/2/3 (30 mmL)6 Hex Bits : 2/2.5/3/4/5/6mm (30 mmL)7 Star Bits : T10/T15/T20/T25/T27/T30/T40 (30 mmL)7 Tamperproof Star Bits : T10/T15/T20/T25/T27/T30/T40 (30 mmL)3 Triple Square Bits :...

Reference: COF-RANG

Clip storage tool box with 18 COMPARTMENTS

Small parts storage case for mobile use.Perfect to organize clips, rubber spacers,fasteners, sensor adhesive pads,etc….The boxes can be taken out separately if wanted.6 boxes :90 x 60 x 60 mm9 boxes :135 x 60 x 60 mmDimensions :300 x 145 x 330 mm

Reference: EMB-REM5

Adhesive transfer

ADHESIVE TRANSFERRef. EMB-REM5When a technician removes a windshield, he has to apply the rain sensor on the new windshield.Sometimes, it is hard to apply a new adhesive with double side tape or adhesive pad ( too thick, unstraight cutting.)Exemple : BMW Humidity sensor 1) Remove the protecting liner2) Apply the part to be stick on the adhesive transfer3)...

Reference: KPL-192C

Repair adhesive pads photosensor KPL-192C for BMW, RENAULT

RÉF. KPL-192C Dimensions : Ø 43 x 2.0 mmPackage of 5 pieces BMW 5er (E60/E61) Lim./Berline 2007-2010BMW 5er (F07) Gran Turismo 2009BMW 5er (F10/F11) Lim./Berline 2010BMW 7er (F01) 2008BMW X5 (E70) 2006BMW X6 (E71/E72) 2008RENAULT KANGOO 2007RENAULT KOLEOS 2008RENAULT LAGUNA 2007RENAULT MEGANE III 2008RENAULT MEGANE III COUPE 2008RENAULT MEGANE III SCENIC...

Reference: LAMPE-DSP

Lamp for the dent removal

Adjustable in height and swivable Dent lamp with bulb. Contain 2 bulbs of 36 W . Cable length : 4 meters On castors. Adjustable in height from 100 cm to 186.5 cm Length of the bulbs: 125 cm Tilting