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Reference: DINI1

Dini spray gun

Supplied with a full range of hose nozzlesso as to meet the needs of everyone. For traditional applications. Appropriate for cavity wax, the underbody of body shells.Anti-grits. 2 applications. , that is to say one box of 1L or a full jar.

Reference: HKD1

Hkd1 spray gun

Designed for the application of products forcavity wax and underbodies. Suppliedeither in a box of 1L or in a small drum. Fulldevice supplied, with hose nozzles. Cavitywax of Ø 8 mm. For the products for under-body, has to be used as such, without usingthe hose nozzle. Gives a granular finishing.The product flows in a jar.

Reference: UBE

Ube spray gun

S’adapte sur les boîtes de 1 litre de produits Corps Creux et Sous-Chassis, livré avec sa buse corps Creux, gicleur 360° et buse sous-chassis. Réf. : UBE1