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Filler - Putties
Filler - Putties

Filler - Putties

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Reference: MEP2

Product title

BODY PANELSPROTECTION SETSet of 2 body panel protections inmagnetized plastic. Protect againstsanding, hurting of the paint.Ref. MEP2

Reference: NET-DISK

Magnet microfiber to clean sanding paper

Magnetized microfiber to clean sanding paper. Thanksto its quality of absorption of sanding residus, the operatorwill reduce the consummation of sanding paper. Place themagnitized microfiber on the side of the area to sand, justmake oftenly some pass on the microfiber during sanding.Ref. : NET-DISKPackaging : Sold individually

Reference: TOILE109

Glass fibre mat

Glass fibre mat designed to repair holes on parts of the body and synthetic materials that are reinforced with glass fiber of a high level of mechanicalresistance.

Reference: 1034

Polyester resin

Specially designed for glass reinforced plastic repair. Good grip on metals, plastic, etc... Non rigid, short curing time.Can be used even if the temperature is low.CARTON OF 61 kg box

Reference: 3706

Fibre glass filler

Polyester filler reinforced with fibre glass designed to fill deep irregularities and repair perforated non-loadbearing body parts. Direct application on metal surfaces. Very good filling. Excellent grip. Permanent elasticity.Easy sanding.CARTON OF 6 2 kg box

Reference: 3722

Metal aluminium filler

Polyester filler with aluminium particles, designed to fill irregularities on the surface. Non-porous, easy to work. Can be sanded very well with minimum dustresulting from the sanding. CARTON OF 6 2 kg box