VBSA SAS has elaborated a follow close quality politic, based upon procedures that referred to the standards requirement. Our organisational lines:

  • Procedure to select suppliers on indicatory that can be checked ( performance).
  • Realization of customers sample survey to improve our partnership with customers.
  • Adaptation to the customer requirements.
  • Harshness in human resources control, respect of the labour code.

VBSA SAS Company is also committed in the durable development politic, which some value are essentials:

  • Environment: waste classifying and recovery of toner containers by an agreement company.
  • Citizenship: priority of employment around local area.
  • Investment in 2007 in a new warehouse located on the neighboured city to preserve the local employment.
  • Human resources: annual specific function training for employees.
  • Health / Security / Human rights: respect of the labour code and of the French regulations.
  • Checking of the individual security equipment ( EPI).