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Miscellaneous tools
Miscellaneous tools

Miscellaneous tools

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Reference: AP-6205

Tool declipsor

Tool declipsor SPRINGERTOOL The distinct precision curvature of the Springer Clip Removal Tool provides a varaible load distribution, safely moving the load point along the tool as more leverage is applied The tapered tip allows entry under closely fitted parts and the rounded edges avoid damage to the trim or vehicle. No matter a body shop you will be...

Reference: AST-120

Telescopic magnet

Telescopic magnetWhen you work above all in the door or chassis frame of the vehicle, a screw may fall and it may be impossible to pick it up with your fingers. With this telescopic magnet, you no longer have this problem. The telescopic device is extendable from 12 (corresponding to the size of a ballpoint pen ) to 60 cm. The strong magnet is capable to...

Reference: CCR-819

EQUALIZER® cowling clip removal tool

EQUALIZER® cowling clip removal tool If expension-type cowling worked the way they were designed, you would simply unscrew the plastic screw and the clip would come out. Unfortunately, they seldom work correctly. Our cowling clip removal tool has a small sharp screw that screws into the plastic head and pulls the screw out. The clip will then collapse and...

Reference: CGE-148

Clip removal tool

Clip removal tool This tool is used to remove plastic clips on door linings. It fits easily down into the recessed area and then can slid under the head of the cowling clip. You then pull up on the center locking part and the clip can be removed. - 235 x 35 x 30 mm - 165 g

Reference: CM-536

Magnetic bowl

Magnetic bowlThe bowl can be placed almost everywhere on a vehicule because the bottom has a rubber cover to avoid scratches. The strong magnet surely holds thebowl itself and all magnetic content.Diameter:140 mm

Reference: CS-696

Clipsaver door upholstery remover

EQUALIZER® ClipSaver door upholstery remover The front of the tool is tapered so it will fit easily under a clip. Spread the jaws slightly so they will go under and around the clip. Then, close the jaws and it removes the clip without damaging it. Great for the removal of door panels. - 230 x 76 x 51 mm - 205 g

Reference: CT-749

Window and door clip removal tool

Window and doorclip removal toolThis tool is used to remove clips that are used with Opel and Ford brands, as well as with most of other vehicles that have clips.- 250 x 58 x 32 mm- 130 g

Reference: CTD-607

Recessed Cowling Clip Remover

Recessed Cowling Clip RemoverSome self-locking cowling clips are recessed down into the cowling. They are not the type that look like a Phillips or TORX®screw, but are the type that can be removed with a tool like the CGE-148. The only problem is the TPE657 will not reach downinto the recessed area and go under the head of the clip. If you manage to force...

Reference: PH-1355

Spatula curved to remove the clips

Curved Door Upholstery Remover For removing plastic fasteners in confined places. It is the same upholstery remover as the one shown above, but it is instended for use on the front part of the door where the door jam will often interfere with the removal of the door panel. Place the notch in the tool over the fastener and pry the fastener out the hole. It...

Reference: DLH-511

Double-end moulding release tool

Double-end moulding release tool This heavy-duty tool is made of steel so it will not bend. It has a small rubber spacer through each end to the tool up off the glass about 1 mm. This is important for two reasons. First, it prevents the tool from scratching the glass. Secondly, it holds the end above the glass so there is less chance the tip will catch...

Reference: DPO-585

Rivet Stem Remover

Rivet Stem Remover It is often necessary to remove dor glasses without breaking them. Drilling out the rivet so you can remove the door glass is easy if you can remove the rivet stem. Rivet stems are made of steel and are impossible to drill out. Our rivet stem remover has contoured end so it will sit over the rivet and align perfectly with the rivet...

Reference: JCS452

Compact C-clip remover

Compact C-clip removerC-clip removers are an item that every technician has inhis toolbox, but those C-clips removers will not alwaysfit into the tight spots and compound curves on somevehicles. The Compact C-clips remover has a flat designthat will let you use it from all sides. This handy tool isdefinitely one that no technician should be without.REF....

Reference: RMI-309

Rearview Mirror Installer

Rearview Mirror Installer Use to install spring-loaded rearview mirrors with easy Spring-loaded rearview mirrors are designed to detach from the windshield when hit by the air bag.  The Rearview Mirror Mounting Tool makes the job easy and reducing the risk of breaking the windshield.  To use: Set the upper jaw against the rearview mirror, put the nylon...

Reference: LFA-402

Flexlight bulb

flexlight mini torch with flexible shaftA screw has been lost? There is a leak in the engine compartment? A connector is hidden under the dash? This mini torch with flexible shaft will give you the needed light-in dark or hidden places. It can even become one of the most useful tools to you. Needs two LR6/AM3/AA batteries (delivered without batteries ).-...

Reference: FTL-402-NEW

Replacement bulb

Replacement bulbAscrew has been lost?There is a leak in the engine compartment?Aconnector is hidden under the dash?This mini torch with flexible shaft will give you theneeded light in dark or hidden places.It can even become one of the most useful tools to you. Needs two LR6/ AM3/AAbatteries (delivered without bat-teries).

Reference: NMT-448

Mechanical pick up

Mechanical pick up The use of telescopic magnet could be sometimes impossible to use because of non ferrous items. It is times like these when you need our Mechanical Pick-Up. It is designed with steel fingers that are spring-loaded that will grip an item up to 2,5 cm in diameter.

Reference: MBV-SHE

Life hammer 2 in 1

REF. MBV-SHELife hammer 2 in 1This life hammer allows to break the tempered windows, its ceramic head will break the windowautomatically. Easy to use not only for adults but also for children by a secure way.This life hammer is used also to release persons from the security belt in case of automotiveaccident, thanks to its integrated blade

Reference: MK201

Lockout tool set

REF. MK-201Lockout tool setIt can easily happen that you lock yourself out, while working on customer cars. This setallows to solve this situation. Open the car door without damaging the paint, moulds andliners.. The tool kit is supplied with instruction manual.Careful, this set will not work on recent vehicles with electronically controlled locking systems

Reference: PRO-LAV

Special protector part to protect glass cleaner sprayer solution

REF. PRO-LAVMany of the wipers system includes a glass cleaner sprayer solution.The hose is integrated to the arm wiper and runs thanks to its movements. The sprayer couldbe damaged with an arm wiper puller. The tightning nut of the puller has to be located on the specialprotector of the center area of the cleaner sprayer. Untight the bolt which is...

Reference: PS-215

Smoother / remover tool for Silicone / Urethane beads

REF. PS-215Smoother / remover tool for Silicone / Urethane beadsThis tool allows to ensure to make a straight bead of silicone or urethane, but not only,it can remove also the old beads. The use of this product is with only one hand.

Reference: THH-540

Telescopic bonnet holder

Telescopic bonnet holder Keeps the bonnet or hatch open at any desired angle. Telescopic bonnet holder tepless adjustable from 54 to 120 cm.

Reference: VNT-306

EQUALIZER® top notchtm tool

Urethane nozzle tool, top notchTM tool This tool allows you to cut rapidly and easily a proper V-notch on a urethane nozzle. This is important for an effective work! Indeed, before applying bond, a proper notch has to be cut. To use this tool, take a knife and cut the end of the nozzle tip to give yourself a bead. Next insert the top NotchTM tool inside...