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Bonding and protection
Bonding and protection

Bonding and protection

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Reference: 3300

GLASS/METAL bonding syringe

GLASS/METAL bonding syringe 2K Glass/Metal bonding, resist up to -20°C to 80°C with a short access to 120°C. Curing time : 3 min. Thixotropic. Possibility to fillholes until 6mm. Vertical application possible, good chemical resistance, clear bonding.

Reference: 455

Cyanoacrylate adhesive

CYANOACRYLATE ADHESIVECyanoacrylate adhesive with a very shortcuring time, it can be used in manydifferent applications It has excellent fillingproperties. It is used to bond plastic, rubber,metal, leather, wood, ceramic, etc.

Reference: 460

Butyl sealant for rubber gaskets

Butyl sealant for all kinds of windows with or without moudings. Multi-purpose product: it can be used for the sealing of components that have been spot welded or removable components (e.g. sunroofs). Permanent elasticity. Resists against ultra-violets.Contains a high percentage of dry extract.Colour: black- 310ml cartridge

Reference: L3090

Adhésif instantané LOCTITE

REF. L3090 is a 2-component, fast curing, gap filling adhesive with excellent bonding characteristics,making it suitable for a variety of substrates incl. plastics, rubbers and metals. It is designed for theassembly of parts with varying or undefined bond gaps up to 5 mm, or for applications where the completecure of excess adhesive is a must. The gel...

Reference: L480

Black fast curing adhesive

REF. L480 is an instant adhesive designed for the assembly of difficult-to-bond materials which require uniform stress distribution and high tensile and/or shear strength. It is a rubber- reinforced adhesive offering increased flexibility and peel strength along with enhanced shock resistance. The product provides for the rapid bonding of a wide range of...

Reference: NANO-VITRES

Hydrophobic glass treatment

The nano-titres improve intensely the visibility during worst weather conditions.The product makes it easier to remove ice and contamination.Resist to chemical and mechanical aggressions.