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Arm wiper puller tool
Arm wiper puller tool

Arm wiper puller tool

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Reference: ZAW-010

Wiper puller for bolted-on wipers

Wiper puller for bolted-on wipersBecause windshield wipers have become larger, wiper arms are pressure-fitted to the posts so they will not slip. They are then secured with a nut to hold the arm in place so they will not lift. Until now, it was almost impossible to remove these wiper arms without breaking or damaging them or scratching the cowl. You no...

Reference: WFA-500

Arm Wiper puller

REF. WFA-500Arm Wiper pullerArm wiper puller especially designed forVolkswagen rear window models, Audi, Skoda,Seat, but also many others.Untight the button from the arm but do not release it( could caused damages on the plasticcompartments of the arm.) Position the jaw on thearm of the wiper, tight manually first, then use aratchet 3/8 to strongly tight...

Reference: MSP-211


Arm wiper pullers kit If you remove a bolted on windshield wiper a few months after the vehicle was builtthen it is usually not difficult to remove, but try removing the wiper arm two or threeyears after it was built. It can be almost impossible because manufacturers use onetype of metal on the wiper arm and a different type of metal on the wiper post. If...

Reference: WFA-525

Arm wiper puller for rearwindows.

Arm wiper puller for rearwindows.To avoid to damage the arm wipersfrom rear vehicules, which are oftendamage with traditional arm wiper pullersEx: Peugeot 307-207, Renaultclio III, Espace Laguna, Megane,Nissan Micra et primera

Reference: WFA-450

Windshield wiper arm removal tool Universal

REF. WFA-450Universal Wiper Puller. Sometimes you need alarge thick puller arm to remove a windshield wiperand sometimes you need a small thin arm. This is thereason our wiper puller has interchangable arms. Setthe wiper puller arms on the horozontal slide, slidethem in until they touch the side of the windshieldwiper, snug the wing nut to hold them in...