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Reference: MBS

Individual preservative for used cartridges

Our MBS cartridge preservative will enable you to store and preserve your opened windscreen glue, sealant or silicone cartridges in a hermetically sealed, dry environment that avoids any chemical fumes.

Reference: G-C0

Honey-coloured natural latex gloves with non-contoured cuff

Honey-coloured natural latex gloves with non-contoured cuff.Complies with European standard EN 60903: 2003 and international standard IEC 60903: 2002. Directive 89/686/EEC on personal protective equipment classifies insulating gloves for live working as category III (major risks - fatal or incapacitating).Resistance to low temperatures (-25°C), resistance...

Reference: KIT-VP-230-E

Electric suction cup kit - Diameter 200mm

KIT consisting of a suction cup (REF.VP-230), 2 lithium batteries 3W- 3.7V (REF.VP-230-E-BAT) and a charger (REF.VP-230-E-CHARG). Diameter: 200mm, Flat suction cup, cannot be used on curved glass. Ideal for flat windscreens such as lorries, buses, etc. Standard suction= 160kg Maximum vertical suction = 180 kg Maximum horizontal suction= 200 kg Charger and...

Reference: ASP-2021-DESTOCK

Water and dust vacuum cleaner 70L - 2 motors 2000W

Wet and dry hoover. It has 2 motors that work at the same time for greater suction power. The hoover has al These defects in no way affect its operation. This hoover comes with a 6-month warranty and is suitable for industrial environments and workplaces of all kinds.


Carbon fibre microfibre

A new carbon microfibre that cleans windows without leaving any residue, and leaves no fibre deposits. It's made from : - 60% rPET (recycled polyester), 20% carbon and 20% polyamide. Sold in bags of 5: Dimensions: 40 x 50cm

Reference: LA-200

Steel wool

Steel wool specially designed to remove difficult marks from all types of glass (e.g. paint mist, whitish solvents, glue residues, etc.). DO NOT USE ON VEHICLE MIRRORS (rear-view mirrors) Can be used to improve adhesion to screen printing. Use dry. Blow well after use to remove metal dust. FOR WINDOWS : - removes light scratches - cleans dirt without...

Reference: FZS-128

Large PVC hood protection covered with foam.

HOOD PROTECTION - 1400 x 1840 mm Several sizes available: FENDER PROTECTION: Suitable for fender protection - 1400 x 800 mm FRONT PROTECTION: Suitable for front panel protection - 1900 x 700 mm CUSTOM DESIGN: Contact us Can also be made to measure on request for glazing, lorries, buses, underground railways, public works, etc.

Reference: BLACKNIT

copy of Nitrile gloves

BLACK NITRILE GLOVES (POWDER-FREE) - non-sterile / CE approved - chemical barrier according to ISO 374-1:2016 / Type B - protects against viruses EN ISO 374-5:2016 Raw material: Nitrile rubber. Does not contain natural rubber latex. The components used to manufacture the gloves may cause allergic reactions in some users. Good quality nitrile gloves...

Reference: KIT-TER2-LED


TERMINATOR2 kit: New concept Multi-repairs

3-in-1 multi-repair!         NO MORE WAITING! VBSA REVOLUTIONISES WINDSCREEN REPAIRS  No more waiting to repair several impacts on the same windscreen or to move on to the next vehicle. Its STRENGTHS: Now you can carry out up to three repairs simultaneously! Compatible with the first-generation case Easily accessible battery Available as a module for the...