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Reference: 314

Seat rings

ANNEAUX POUR GARNITURES DE SIÈGE- Kit pour garniture de siège (composition : 50 anneaux avec les crochets montés, prêts à poser).

Reference: 1320



Repar’vit® New Generation Tool boxAccepted by the AFNOR NF norm n° X5021 and REACH norm CONTENT OF THE TOOL BOX Ref. 290 1 aluminium tool boxRef. 9620 1 New Injection bridgeRef. 1046 1 UV lamp 12V with timerRef. 958 1 vacuum cup sealantRef. 945 1 mirrorRef. 979 1 pen lightRef. 949 1 polish bottleRef. 645 1 drillRef. 934 1 drill bitsRef. 959 1 pen with...

Reference: CC-1058

Nitrile gloves

With these gloves, no risk of leaving grease and/or sweat, which can compromise your work.Our nitrile rubber gloves are guaranteed with-out talc (which represents a sort of stain) and are extremely stretchable.They fit on whichever hand. They offer a safe grip and an absolute cleanness. It is a perfect solutionfor persons with latex allergy. - 240 x 130 x...

Reference: CS-RC14

Handable rolling Tool-box

REF-CS-RC14HANDABLE ROLLING TOOL-BOX :Technicians in the windshield installation reach some difficultiesdue to a lack of space during the work. Cart trolleys are difficultto carry out of the van. For this reason, VBSA is offering a newhandable rolling tool box which include not only the specificproducts for glass replacement but also general purpose...

Reference: 04200101

Adjustable windshield trestle with rubber plates

Adjustable windshield trestle with rubber plates• Width multi-adjustable for different lengths and weights so as tocarry all sizes of windshields.• Lacquered steel tube.• 4 big rubber plates to hold the glasses firmly.REF. 04200101 fixed withscrews and boltsAdjustable windshield trestlewith rubber plates115 cm x 182 cm x 88 cm5.30 kg - Load capacity: 180...