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Reference: SERV-OPB-NUE

Custom design your workshop trolley

Compose your workshop trolley which corresponds to your needs & which looks like you ! It is made for you... It is made by you ! Please note: You have 5 small drawers and 2 large drawers, think about it during your design.

Reference: 278KITAGRAFES


Innovating system of weld of all type of plastics by metallic staples of different forms to combine according to the work to realise. Thanks to the application of heat by means of the soldering iron it allows that the staples unite all type of plastic cracks.You can repair bumpers, instruments panel, grills, and kind of plastics required.Contains : Ref. -...

Reference: CC-1058

Nitrile gloves

With these gloves, no risk of leaving grease and/or sweat, which can compromise your work.Our nitrile rubber gloves are guaranteed with-out talc (which represents a sort of stain) and are extremely stretchable.They fit on whichever hand. They offer a safe grip and an absolute cleanness. It is a perfect solutionfor persons with latex allergy. - 240 x 130 x...