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Vehicle protection
Vehicle protection

Vehicle protection

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Reference: CLEAN-SET

Protection set for inside car

Protection set for inside carThis set include all the plastic covers that needs to be applied beforethe technician start his job.Contain of the set :- 1 plastic seat protection- 1 floor mat- 1 steering wheel cover- 1 gear shift cover- 1 hand brake cover

Reference: FZS-6020

Protective strap for car wheel step

Protective strap for car wheel step ( 20 x 60 cm) Protection of the car wheel step in order to avoid to soil it during the job. The material is endowed with antistatic properties in order to stick the area to protect

Reference: PSI-200

Double seat cover

Double seat coverOne-piece seat cover made of fully washable nylon fabric (machine wash) for covering both front seats, the center console, the footwell and the threshold.- 380 x 360 x 40 mm - 500 g

Reference: FZS-128

Large PVC bonnet protection covered with foam.

LARGE PVC BONNET PROTECTION COVERED WITH FOAM3 mm thickness, great to be applied to the metal, glass, Polyester,etc...Allows to protect the bonnet during the work. Comes to its originalform when folded. Does not leave any residues on the metal.Bonnet protectionLarge PVC bonnet protection covered with foam. Comes to its original formwhen folded. This...

Reference: FZS-125

Bonnet protection with adhesive strips

Bonnet protection with adhesive strips• 120 x 50 cmThis bonnet protection has the particularity to cover the completebonnet of the car, avoiding to scratch the paint because of toolspositions during replacement or repairing process.

Reference: PEZ-120

Roof / bonnet protection

Roof/bonnet protectionThe top of a car is a convenient place to put your tools, screws, and other parts.The problem with laying all these items on a vehicle is the possibility you willscratch the paint. Made of vinyl, it serves as a soft, non-slip surface; it is a layerbetween the top of the car and your tools.Roof/bonnet protection• 1720 x 700 x 2 mm•...

Reference: PTO10

High density foam

High density foamTo store tools during repair operation.Smooth surface which not scratch the paint and which not slip across the bonnet.Dim. ( approximative) outside : 47x 30 x 5,5 cmStorage space : 40 x 22 x 4 cmSupplied without tools

Reference: DEV1MUR

Wallet dispensers

WALLET DISPENSERS Dispenser which allows toinstall either plastic seats cover, disposalfloormats, cleaning towels. REF. DEV1-MUR• Single row wall dispenser

Reference: DEV3-ROUL

Rolling mobil dispenser

Rolling mobile dispenser Dispenser which allows to install and storecarefully the plastic seats cover, disposalfloormats, cleaning towels…. 880 х 840 х 600mm 3 Rows

Reference: L110

Dispenser for masking paper

Dispenser for masking paper réf : 200 x 4 ; 450 x 4, 700 x 4, 900 x 4 and 9741 Accepts differents height of rolls up to 1400 mm. It is possible to adjust the height in order to lock the roll to the wish height. Could be use on horizontal or vertical position. Film is not include with the dispenser.

Reference: COVER202F


Cover for cars - L : 100% PVC- F: PVC +Viscose + Polyester PVC for outdoords and indoors. Protects against rain, dust and humidity Suitable for all kinds of cars