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Reference: DECAP-MIL

Battery powered Heating gun with LED light

Battery powered Heating gun with LED light REF-DECAP-MIL Delivered without battery and without charger.Compliant with : Battery (PWR-5021) and charger (PWR-5063 and PWR5064AC) MILWAUKEE.Supplied with 2 nozzles.- Battery Voltage : 18V- Air temperature : 470°C- Air volume 170L/min- Permitted ambient temperatue : -18°/ +52°- Weight without battery : 0.75kgs-...

Reference: RT-550

Step ladder

Step ladderOpening size : 126 x 38 x 50 mmClose size : 95 x 30 x 33.5 mmFlat size : 95 x 30 mmLoading capacity : 150 KgsNet weight : 7.2 kgBrut weight : 8 kg

Reference: RT-500

Wheel step ladder

Wheel step ladderLoad capacity: 225 kgsFacilitates working on high vehiclesSimply put it over the front wheel, if necessary swivel in from the front ( see fig.)Applicable for almost all saloon cars, vans, SUVs and all terrain vehicles with a wheel diameter of at least 600 mm.Note: This wheel step ladder is NOTapplicable forVWSharan / Ford Galaxy / Seat...

Reference: NET-VENT

Rubber cleaner

Rubber cleanerCleans and restore the appearance of new to all rubbers such as gaskets, rubberized hubcaps, suction cups, etc.Please note that the product is not suitable for certain plastics and paints.

Reference: GBM-27

27 PCS Trim Removal Kit

27 PCS Trim Removal Kit 01 : Wide Scraper ToolFor scapig wit large area to cover02 : General Scraper ToolFor removing gaskets and umium or steel03 : Wide Pry Tool-Flat TypeFor remove panele or large plastic arts04 : General Wide EdgeIdeal for splitting soft plastic arts05 : Flat Scraper ToolIdeal for removing trim and residue frombodywork06 : General...

Reference: GBM-446

Set contain 5 specially shaped sticks for prying, smoothingspreading, and removing

This set contain 5 specially shaped sticks for prying, smoothingspreading, and removing. They will help you overcome anysituation no matter how complicated. Each tool is made of atough, flexible, polycarbonate material that makes it almostimpossible to break. The set comes in a clamshell package thatkeeps your tools organized in your toolbox.

Reference: RMI-309

Rearview Mirror Installer

Rearview Mirror Installer Use to install spring-loaded rearview mirrors with ease. Spring-loaded rearview mirrors are designed to detach from the windshield when hit by the air bag.  The Rearview Mirror Mounting Tool makes the job easy and reducing the risk of breaking the windshield.  To use: Set the upper jaw against the rearview mirror, put the nylon...

Reference: CALE-EP2

Set of assembly jig

Set of assembly jigBased on the quality car manufacturer standards, the distance for both side must be exactly the same between the windshield and the frame. The window must not moveanymore once bonded. This set of jig allows to ensure these equal distances.Each jig endowed 10 discs measuring 1 mm thick each, that is to say 1 cm of thicknessfor each jig....

Reference: CALE-REG

Gauge setting / accurate

Gauge setting / accurateAllows to measure the depth from theupper side of the windshield against thehood.REF. CALE-REG