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TERMINATOR2 kit: New concept Multi-repairs



No need to wait anymore to repair other impacts on the same windshield or on  different vehicles

See the technical video: HERE

From Now  on, you can repair up to three impacts simultaneously!

Its advantages:
• Compatible with first generation
• Easy access to the battery
• Available as a drawer for the workshop trolley
• Mention of the serial number and software version
• Patented technology

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FREE SHIPPING from 150,00 € H.T. (France métropolitaine)


Certified organization

Accessoires indispensables

Windscreen multi-repair kit for KIT TERMINATOR 2
Windscreen multi-repair kit for KIT TERMINATOR 2


Data accessnumber of repairs per type of 

impacts and scannable QR code

Touch screen: compatible with nitrile protective gloves

Languages: Multilingual interface (French, English, German, Italian, Spanish) 

Included technical video + instruction manual in 5 languages


• Welcom page

• display (colors, brightness)

Battery level perceptible on all pages in real time

See the technical video: HERE


REF-292 Box
REF-TER2-APPAREIL Terminator machine x 1
REF-TER-CHARGEUR Terminator charger x 1
REF-TER-BATTERIE Terminator battery x 1
REF-9620 Injection bridge x 1
REF-HOS-1000-T Hose x 1

REF-TER-RACCTUYAAHMAL - Male hose connection x 1
REF-994 Aluminium injector x 1

REF-994JOINT Aluminum injector x 3
REF-995 Rubber seals 994 x 1
REF-946 Large pit adapter x 1
REF-983 Rubber seal for large pit adapter x 2
REF-974 Syringe x 1
REF-1048 12V - UV LED Light lamp with timer x 1
REF-940 Lightning miror with LED x 1
REF-646 Battery powered drill x 1
REF-934 Carbide drill bit x 1
REF-4509 Half ball point carbide x 1
REF-LR-136 Injection resin Repareglass®15 ml x 1
REF-LR1/2OZ Pit finish resin Reparbrise® 15 ml x 1
REF-958 Vacuum cup sealant x 1
REF-970 Mylar squares (x10) x 1
REF-948 Scraper blades (x5) x 1
REF-949 Polish x 1
REF-959 Carbide pen x 1
REF-979 Pen light x 1
REF-971 Polishing felt x 1
REF-149E Vertical glass adaptor x 1
REF-539 Round UV screen x 1

RÉF. LUNETTE1048 UV protective glasses
REF-Technical movie
REF-Technical manual

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Data sheet

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