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Windshield Cleaner pur 520

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Facilitates the adherence for the pre-treatment of windscreen that are directly bonded. Cleaning product containing solvent. suitable for airbags. TÜV tested and authorized Packaging: - 30ml bottle - CARTON OF 12 - 250ml bottle - CARTON OF 12 - 1 litre bottle - CARTON OF 12

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Reference: VKD-22


Squared cutting wire - Size 0.6mm - 22ML

Squared cutting wire REPAREGLASS Surprising but true!The cutting resistance of the squared wire is far higher than the one of the common round wire. Try it, you will see!Squared wire - 0,6 x 0,6 mm,- length: 22m, on plastic spool.- 100 x 22 mm - 110 g

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L: 100M 2500 NEWTON Nylon wire- Diam 1.1mm ESPECIALLY DESIGN FOR THICK AND HEAVY PU Ideal for : -Old urethane -Thick and heavy PU -Trims which must not brake ( clips – fastener – spacers) -Brakes at an high tensile strength -Reusable length ( from about 2 to 4 applications) -Do not scratch surfaces -Could be use with most of the ratchet systems...

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New square cutting wire, Size 0.7 mm - 44M

Technical characteristics of this new square cutting wire :-    Size : 0.7 mm x 0.7 mm( the old version was 0.6 mm x 0.6 mm)-    Tensile strength is by 36% higher compare to old generation-    Available in spool of 44m

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