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Mobile workshop trolley with tools DELUXE22

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Certified organization


Mobile workshop trolley with tools

Telescopic handle

Organiser with removable partitions

Simultaneous access to all tools

Latch for locking/unlocking the entire trolley


Large diameter wheels

Capacity: 82 litres

Dimensions: 54.9 x 41.3 x 73.3 cm Delivered without tools

Weight: 9.6 kg

Contents of the trolley:

1 x ref.97 Double-sided adhesive tape

1 x ref.455 VBSA cyano glue 20gr

1 x ref.3300 Two-component glass/metal adhesive

1 x ref.6200 Black adhesive tape

1 x ref.323204 Socket 4mm 1/4

1 x ref.323205 Socket 5mm 1/4

1 x ref.380371 Small ratchet 3/8 in 140mm

1 x ref.550607 Cutting pliers 200mm

1 x ref.550804 Nose pliers 200mm

1 x ref.551011 Multi-socket pliers 250mm

1 x ref.614020 Socket set 59 pieces

1 x ref.285860-8 to 19 Combination spanner 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 19mm

1 x ref.3007-K Cold knife

1 x ref.504-0430 Flat screwdriver 150mm

1 x ref.504-0531 Large crosshead screwdriver

1 x ref.5050M Masking tape 50x50

1 x ref.506-0602 Medium crosstip screwdriver

4 x ref.848031Needle Cutting guide needle

1 x ref.ATP5 Clear adhesive 12.7mmx5ml

1 x ref.CC-1058-L Blue nitrile gloves (box of 100, size L)

1 x réf.CM-536 Magnetic bowl

1 x réf.CROP-L Glazier's hook, large rod

1 x ref.CROR-S Glazier's hook small rod

1 x ref.CT-749 Clip puller tool

1 x ref.CTD-607 Clip remover

1 x réf.CZ-444 Clip-zip pliers

1 x article no.DST-734 Primer needle

1 x article no.FSL240 Embrasure scraper

1 x article no.GBM-446 Lever set

1 x réf.GCN-100 Nylon piano wire

1 x réf.G-KNYL-L Pair of gloves nyon size L

1 x réf.JEU-ETOILE-P Set of star keys

1 x réf.KZS-163 Nozzle clip

1 x réf.L2 Cutter

1 x ref.LB10S Segmented blade (x10)

1 x réf.LH-683 Lever for covers

1 x réf.MAILLET Soft hammer in sorbothane

1 x ref.MR5 Tape measure

1 x ref.MRC1105-R3 ROLLN'CUT hook

1 x ref.MS-180 Assembly spatula

1 x ref.MTS-068 Hook and punch kit

1 x ref.PAIG-200 Set of wire pulling handles

1 x ref.PEZ-120 Protective cloth

1 x réf.PORTE-CT Set of 100 label holders

1 x réf.PORTE-VIGNETTE-NEUTRE Set of 100

2 x article no.PSL-150-1 Windscreen suction cup

1 x article no. PTB Dashboard protection

1 x réf.PTB-LRCUT Dashboard protection

1 x réf.RAPTORAPPAREIL Raptor device

1 x article no.RK-100A Scraper blade (x100)

1 x réf.RTD-499 Pair of 5m tightening straps

1 x ref.SB-880 Safety glasses

1 x article no.SERV-CANMAX Fatmax workshop tool

1 x article no.SK120 Spare scraper blade 13mm

1 x article no.SK130 Spare scraper blade 16mm

1 x article no.SK150 Spare scraper blade 19mm

1 x article no.TB-102 Assembly tool

1 x article no.V80 Hand gun

1 x article no.VKD-22 Square piano wire

1 x article no.WFA-525 Wiper extractor

1 x article no.XKD-22 Square piano wire

1 x réf.Z4 Blade 19mm

1 x ref.Z5 Blade 25mm

1 x ref.Z6 Blade 38mm

1 x ref.ZAW-025 Wiper blade remover

1 x ref.ZAW-040 Universal extractor

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Custom design your workshop trolley

Compose your workshop trolley which corresponds to your needs & which looks like you ! It is made for you... It is made by you ! Please note: You have 5 small drawers and 2 large drawers, think about it during your design.