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  • REPAR'VIT® WINDSHIELD REPAIR Tool box with a pressure/vaccum pump

REPAR'VIT® WINDSHIELD REPAIR Tool box with a pressure/vaccum pump


REPAR'VIT® is used for various types of impact repairs:

  • Bubble impacts
  • Impacts with star-shaped bubbles
  • Spangled impacts
  • cracks

Discover our glass repair case, complete with all the tools and accessories you need to carry out quality repairs to your windscreen. Ideal for professionals.


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Accessoires indispensables

Rotating wire removal device - RAPTOR
Rotating wire removal device - RAPTOR
Glass primer bottle
Glass primer bottle
Dry out bottle
Dry out bottle
Heater for Windshield
Heater for Windshield
Infrared thermometer to control glass temperature
Infrared thermometer to control glass temperature

REPAR'VIT® senior tool box.
Injection with a pressure/vacuum pump


1 x REF-231  aluminium tool box

1 x REF-367  injection bridge with plunger

1 x REF-1046  UV lamp 12V with timer

1 x REF-PMP-ADVANTAGE 1 Pressure /vacuum pump

1 x REF-958  vacuum cup sealant

1 x REF-945  mirror

1 x REF-979  pen light

1 x REF-949  polish bottle

1 x REF-LR-136  standard repareglass injection resin 15 ml

1 x REF-645  drill

2 x REF-934  drill bits

1 x REF-959  pen with carbide tip

1 x REF-948  scraper blades (x5)

1 x REF-943  pit finish resin Reparbrise

1 x REF-970  mylar squares (x10)

1 x REF-RS-2030  syringes + 3 needles (x5)

1 x REF-HOS-2000 1 hose

1 x REF-HOS-2001 1 nylon cleaning brush

1 x REF-HOS-2002 1 nylon cleaning brush for injector

1 x REF-5096 1 large breaks injector

1 x REF-5095 1 standard injector

1 x REF-5BX-02010  rubber seals for standard breaks (x5)

1 x REF-5BX-2016  rubber seals for large breaks (x5)

1 x REF-971 1 circular polishing felt piece

1 x Technical manual

Technical movie not available for this repair kit

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